CSS Navigator

A TextMate bundle that makes CSS engineering easier

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CSS 3 bundle, color palette and more

What's in the core?

Get your CSS code organized - split the code into logical groups and navigate among them easily.

The syntax (see an example code) is fully compatible with editors like CSSEdit and Espresso (which include similar feature already).

Going on to…

Our mission of bringing more pleasure into CSS coding is not over yet. Other cool features inspired from CSSDOC (like color variables) are in alpha stages of development.

Other text editors?

We need your knowledge and commitment to bring these features into more text editors. Get in touch, let us know about your favourite text editor if you're skilled enough to help.

Download & usage

Download the bundle and start using it:
⌘D … to show the Navigator
⌘⇧D or /// ⇥ … to create a new group
+ ⇥ … to create a to-do item


Done by Ondřej Válka and Peter Kahoun.

A screenshot of CSS Navigator

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