February 6th, 2011

Wallpaper reinvented

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Since I switched to the Mac OS X a few years ago, I started to use my desktop in a different way then before. All the application icons I use every day were moved to the Dock and the desktop itself became a blank space.

Just for a second, try to thin out what does your table desk looks like. Is it cluttered up with stuff or is it a workbench where current items are operated? I use my desk in the second way and the same is for my desktop. Anyway, from time to time, the desktop gets filled up and mastering all the files becomes difficult.

Is there a way of managing desktop in an effective an elegant way? As I got used to a GTD-like system of personal project management, I came with an answer to the question.

Having divided the desktop in 5 vertical bars I gained 5 space for 3 to 6 projects. Just a few notes on the system:

  • The very right bar is an inbox and working space for any short-time temporary files and drives that are mounted to the system.
  • The bar next the very right one is an inbox in fact. It’s the place where to put all the inspiration images, links and documents, found while browsing the Web. I clean up this space usually once a week.
  • If a project is extensive, it usually takes up a whole bar. If there are more projects, placing the icons to the top (resp. to the bottom) of the screen one gains a space for all of them.
  • The system is able to handle large amounts of icons which might not be possible without using it.

Not satisfied with the colors? Design your own scheme!


  1. Ondřej Válka

    See a similar solution to the same problem by Josef Richter. http://bit.ly/f1TXh6

    February 7th, 2011 at 17:33
  2. Peter Kahoun