February 9th, 2010

Designing Web sites for iPad

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Our life is easier when facilitated by computers, not when facilitating the life of computers.

Some of the Web site UI design principles that are likely to change in the emerging screen-only computer era. Remember that these principles are just as appropriate for standard Web site UI design as for the iPad specific design.

Rest in pieces

  • :hover effect is gone.
  • Tiny UI elements such as small links, tiny carousel controls are out.
  • Fluid width would never return again.
  • In pixels we trust, in type-only resizing we don’t.
  • Cash? No Flash.
  • Stop the pop-up windows.

Welcome home

  • Zoom together with details that matter.
  • A page fold redefined.
  • The neverending story of 1024×768.
  • Change of navigation (within a page—horizontal scrolling).
  • More standards and more AJAX.

And not only the design itself will change—iPad can become a suitable prototyping tool too.

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